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- F・R・I・E・N・D・S 8 EP1 (1/2) -

F・R・I・E・N・D・S Season8 Episode1 (1/2)

Season8 Episode1-1 The One After I do
なぜか中途半端にSeason8のEpisode1から( ^ ^ ;)。
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Man Great. Just give me a sec change the film.
Ross Okay, I know I'm not suppsed to know, but I do and I'm so excited for you.
Joey What's going on?
Ross Monica's pregnant!
Joey Oh my god, Is that why you had to get married?
Monica You guys, I'm not pregnant!
Joey hah, slow swimmers?
Ross What? what you mean? you're not pregnant?
Monica You didn't tell anybody I was, did you?
Ross No.... I'll be right back.
man Now, what we get a shoot just Monica and the bloody soidier.
Monica Oh, don't that. Joey, you have to change before the party.
Joey I can't. I don't have any other clothes here.
Monica Find some! please. Anything that doesn't say, "I died tragically in France."
man Why don't we see the bride and groom, and the bridemaides.
Phoebe Hey Mon, why did you tell the guys you're not pregnant?
Monica cause I'm not.
Phoebe We found your test in the trash. If you're not pregnant...

....It's because I am.
Monica What are you talking about?
Phoebe Yes, I am with child. And I didn't want say anything because it's your day. I didn't want a steal your thunder..
Monica Wait a minuit. So you told people I was pregnant?
Monica Does this look like a conversation I want to remember?
Monica Who's the father?
Phoebe I can't say.
Monica Why not?
Phoebe I can't say because he's famous.
Rachal Oh me god, who is it?
Monica Phoebe, come on, you have to tell us
Phoebe Okay, okay. It's James Brolin. James Brolin is the father my baby.
Chandler Is that Barbra Streisand's husband, James Brolin?
Phoebe What? He's never said that to me.
Camera man Oh Monica, few gets step away I will gets Chandler and the bridesmaids.
Phoebe Hello? just the bridesmaids?
Chandler You know, I am the groom. I always told of this kind of big deal.
Phoebe Oh my god!
Rachal Thank you for doing that! I just can't do this just quiet yet.
Phoebe So when instead you tell me Monica was pregnant?
Rachal You said that she was, I distend disagree with you.
Phoebe Ah, Sneaky!
Camera Smile, ladies!
Rachel Ph by the way, James Blorin?
Phoebe I know. I picked up two names ; him and Ed Begley Jr. and then I remenbered he's gay, so...
Rachel Ed Begley Jr is not gay.
Phoebe Really?
Man Thank you very much. Ladies and gentleman. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you for the very fast time ; Mr, Mrs Chandler Bing!
Chandler Before you go after, then I present for you.
Monica Honey, I'm not want put my hand in your pocket.
Chandler No. I've been taking dancing lessons.
Monica What?
Chandler Yeah, from a six weeks. I wanna this to be moment be never forget.
Monica Oh, hat is so sweet!
Chandler So, would you care join me in our first dance as husband and wife?
Monica ...What is matter?
Chandler I don't know. These new shoes there are all slippery.
Monica Are you gonna be able to do this?
Chandler Not well.
Monica Good news is! I don't think anyone's looking else!
Phoebe So... are you ready to talk about it?
Rachel No.
Phoebe Now?
Rachel No!
Phoebe Okay, we'll talk about something else.. Who's the father?
Rachel Oh! look, honey, you know what? I haven't told him yet, so.. until I do, I don't think I should tell anybody else.
Phoebe Yeah, That's fine. That's fair. Is it Tag?
Rachel Oh! Phoebe!
Phoebe Ok, I'm sorry, I'll stop. Is it Ross? it's Ross, isn't it? Oh my God! it's joey!
Rachel Honey, stop it! Okay? I'm not get telling you until I tell him.
Phoebe Ah-ha! Leastly we know it's a him.
Monica Oh, sweet lord.
Joey I'm sorry okay? I went the another gift shop ** these or a bathrobe.
What's more important? The wear I'm dressing me, being with you on your special day?
Monica Honey, I'm not even going to pretend to I was listening.
Ross Hi, I'm Ross. I don't believe we met. I'm Monica's old brother.
Mona Oh hi, I'm Monica from her restaurant.
Ross Oh, hello. "Mona from her restaurant."
...Mona. Wow, what a beautiful name.
Mona You think so? I always kind of hated it.
Ross Oh come on...Mona Lisa? Mona...ah...klegglachen?
The famous botanist. Oh no, She's...Well, she's dead now. But... Supposedly she was once quieted the hottie of the plant world.
Mona Really? Well, see, I never knew about her.
Ross Linda Klegglachen...?
...So what table are you at? ...Oh... Me too.
Mona Good. Now, will be someone there who likes my name.
Ross Yes, there will.
Ross ...Guess what, Molly Gilbert. you've just been bumped up to table one. And if it's all right with you, I'm gonna take your place at table six... Martin klegglachen!
Joey That's better. Bend your arms little more, Here you go, ok, look straight afead. Now this time, watcha really put your ass into it.
Chandler's mom Chandler, darling. Look, my date has finally arrived. I liked you to meet Dennis Phillips.
Dennis Congratulations.
Chandler Thanks.
Mom Dennis is a dear old friend. And a fantastic lover.
Chandler Bravo, Dennis. Thanks for pleasing my mother so.
Dennis I'm so sorry. I miss the ceremony. I was start at auditions.
Mom Oh, yes. Dennis is directing a New Broadway show.
Joey I don't believe we've met. Joey tliviani.
Dennis Denis Phillips.
Joey Wow, I've admired your work for years. really amazing stuff.
Dennis Thank you. Excuse me, I'm gonna get myself a drink. I'll be back a moment.
Joey Wow Dennis Phillips! That's great! How did you guys meet?
Mom Well you know, It's a funny story.
Chandler Funny "ha-ha", or funny__?
Man Thank you, thank you very much! If you'll please take your seats, dinner will be served.
Ross ...Hey, I thought... I thought you were at table six.
Mona Ahh..., No, Nine.
Ross Oh, see, Before you... When you showed it to me, you hold it that way...which was misleading.
Ross ....Hello...
Joey Chandler. Will you see if your mom can give my resume to Dennis Phillips? because If I got a Broadway show, then I would've done it all: Film, television and theater. Not left on be radio, but that's for ugly people.
Chandler What's size shoes do you wear?
Joey Eleven. Eleven and half.
Chandler Great, Corse my shoes are giving me a little problem in dance floor. Can I borrow the boots your costume?
Joey I don't really even know where I left those, so.. sorry.
Chandler Those aren't 11 and half.
Joey Okay, fine, I'm a 7! All right, I have surprising small feet. But the rest of me is good! I show you!
Monica Can't you believe Phoebe's pregnant?
Rachel Oh, you know what, honey. Let's not talk about that right now.
Monica This is so huge.
Rachel Sure, but comme on! As big as wedding?
Monica Of course not. Nothing is.
Between in year knew, in this day and age, how dumb do you have to be to get pregnant?
Rachel Hey, you know, sometimes you can do everything right, everyones can wear everything supposed to wear and one of those little guys just gets through.
Monica How?
Rachel I don't know. maybe they have tools.
Monica Now, I talked to her, and she's definitely having this baby. She's such, she's gonna raise it on her own.
Rachel Well, maybe that's... maybe that's really brave.
Monica Maybe I just hope she realizes how hard it's gonna be.
Rachel Maybe she hasn't really thought it through that much.
Monica There's a lot to think about. I mean, how is she gonna handle of this financially? How she gonna job work... how...I... She realize she's not gonna have a date again for the next like... 18 years?
Rachel I don't know.
Monica Are you okay?
Rachel I'm just thinking about Phoebe. Poor, knocked-up Phoebe.
Man Champagne?
Rachel Oh, yes. thank you very much.
...That's actually how the French drink it.
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