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- F・R・I・E・N・D・S 8 EP1 (2/2) -

F・R・I・E・N・D・S Season8 Episode1 (2/2)

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Phoebe Well, Just got off the phone with my lover, James Brolin.
Monica Oh, really?
Phoebe Yes, and appearlly he is married to some singer. But he said he'd leave her for me.
And I said, "James, James Blorin, Are you sure?" And James Blorin said...
Monica Rachel's really the one whose pregnant?
Phoebe What!? Why bother?
Monica How do you feel?
Rachel I don't know, I don't know how I feel. This is all happening so fast I have to make all these decisions that I don't want to make.

...Mm, Someone's take this away from me!
Phoebe Calm down. Maybe you're not pregnant.
Rachel What?
Phoebe When I thought pregnant with the triplet, I took the test like three times just make sure.
Monica Yes, Maybe it's pose positive. Are you sure you peed on the stick right?
Rachel How many ways are there do that?
Phoebe I'm just saying, don't freak out until hundred percent sure.
Rachel All right. I'll take it again when I get at home.
Monica You gotta take it now, Come on, Do as a present to me.
Rachel Okay, thank you.
Phoebe All right. now, I'll get you one.
Rachel Oh, This is so great.
Monica Wait a minute. Who's the father?
Phoebe Oh no, She won't tell us.
Monica Come on! It's my wedding! That's could be my present.
Rachel Wait! Honey, I just gave you peeing on a stick.
Phoebe See? this is why you register.
Ross It was the chair again! Okay? I'm not doing it! It was... Look, I don't. You know what...?
Ross Hi...Would you like to dance?
Mona Sure.
Ross Oh great.
Girl Dr, Geller?
Ross I wasn't farting! ...A little game from our table. ...Yes?
Girl Dr, Geller, will you dance with me?
Ross Oh,... Maybe, maybe later. Right now, I'm about to dance with this lady.
Girl ...Ok.
Mona Ohhhh....
Ross Unless, uh... unless, this lady wouldn't mind letting you go first.
Mona I'd be happy to. You are very sweet.
Ross Yes, I am. ...In fact, hey, why don't we try my special way. You can dance on my feet.
Girl Sure!
Ross Year? Hop on!
Ross Is the pretty lady looking? Keep dancing.
Girl Ah hah.
Ross Keep dancing.
Chandler ...And the world will never know.
Joey Hey! Did you talk to Dennis body yet?
Chandler Yes, I told how talented you were. I told him all about Days of our Lives.
Joey No no no! you don't tell Broadway guy that! Now he'll think some just a soap actor.
Chandler But you're not just soap actor. You are a soap actor with freakishly tiny feet.
Joey Hey!
Giel ...Thank you.
Ross No no, thank you, Miranda.
Girl Melinda!
Ross All right.
Mona How cute was that?
Ross Oh,, oh, Were you watching?
Girl ...Can I go next?
Ross Oh, Of course you can. Hop on.
Mona Okay, but I get to hop on after her.
Ross I am so gonna score!
Girl What?
Ross I like your bow.
Joey I'd like to propose a toast to Monica and Chandler...the greatest couple in the world, and my best friends. Now, when I first found out they were getting married, I was a little angry.
I was like... "Why, god why!? How can you take them away from me?!"
Then I thought back over our memories together. Some happy memories....
And there were some sad memories....
....I'm sorry...And some scared memories....oh!
And then I realized I'll always be their friend. A friend who can speak in many dialects... And has training in stage combat and is willing to do partial nudity.
...Oh! To the happy couple!
Ross That was very nice Ashley.
Girl Can we do it again?
Ross No,no.
Mona So, is it my turn out?
Girl I'm next.
Mona Ah, that's okay. you can dance with her first.
Ross Oh, oh... you sure?...Okay.

Okay, what's your name?
Girl Gert.
Ross That's pretty.
Ross Wow, wow. What are you doing, Gert?
Girl Dancing on your feet like the other girls did it.
Ross Okay, Hop on, Gert.
Girl ....Why aren't you moving your feet?
Ross I'm trying.
Girl Faster! You're not going fast enough.
Ross Maybe I should stand on your feet!!
Joey So... did you.. happening to catch my toast, hah?
Dennis Oh my god. That was for my benefit?
Joey I like think, Ah... something for everyone. I know you're casting for a new show.
Dennis Look, Joey. I don't think quiet right for this project.
Joey See, that's why you're wrong. Whatever it is, I can do it! and if you didn't see it up there, just try me!
Dennis It's an all-Chinese cast. Can you be Chainese?
Joey I'm not proud of this, But...
Deniss Oh my god! No no no! please, please, don't!
Monica Hey, Ready to get back to the dance floor?
Chandler Did it turn in to sand?
Monica Come on, I love this song. Come on, you'll be fine.
Chandler No, no. I won't. Do you know why I took all those lessons? See, for the farst time I didn't want you to be embarrassed to be singing dance with some ....clumsy idiot.
Monica Oh, sweety, you could never embarrass me. ...
Okay, you could easily embarrass me. But come on, it doesn't matter, right?
I married you. So I'm gonna dance as my wedding with my husband. Come on.
Just try not to move your feet at all.

... There you go!
Pap Chandler, I'm gonna have you arrested.
Chandler Why?
Pap You stole my moves.
Rachel How much longer?
Phoebe Thirty seconds.
Monica Did I miss it? ...Rachal, I want you to know that... if it's positive, we gonna..
Rachel Oh, I know.
Monica You do? okay.
Phoebe It's time.
Rachel Phoebe Monica ....NO!!
Monica Go ahead, Rach.
Rachel Oh, no. Wait! You know what? ...I can't! I can't look at it. somebody else tell me.
Phoebe It's negative.
Rachel What?
Phoebe It's negative.
Rachel ....Oh...Well,,,,, there you go. Phew. That is... that's great. That is really really great news. You know, because the whole...not being ready, and the financial aspects, all that.... This is so just the way it was supposed to be.
Monica Well, then, great.
Rachel It's kind of so stupid. How can I be upset over something I never had? It's negative?
Phoebe No, it's positive.
Rachel ....What?
Phoebe It's not negative. It's positive.
Rachel Are you sure?
Phoebe Yeah, I lied before.

....Now you know how you really feel about it.
Rachel That's a risky little game!
Monica Are you really gonna do this?
Rachel Yeah, I gonna have a baby. ...I gonna have a baby. ....I gonna have a baby!
Phoebe With who?
Rachel No, it's still not the time.
Ross I just didn't see the fast song coming.
Joey Don't try to talk. We'll get you up to your room, soak your feet. Give me your hand.
Ross Oh thank you.
Mona That's so sweet. No, I mean it. There's so few genuinely nice guys out there.
Joey Tell me about it. I feel like I'm holding down the fort all over my self!
Mona It's joey, right?
Joey ...Yeah.
Ross Wait a minute! No! I'm the nice one! I'd wanna danced with the kids all night! Ah..
...How small are your feet?!
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