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I am living in Tokyo, japan.

I liked creating things since I was a child.
I went to the special school for fashion after I graduated high school, but I didn't get a fashion-related job. I was worikng a few jobs that were not very fun.

One day I met a male coworker who wanted to go to another country with a working-holiday visa. I had never thought about going to another country until then, but he inspired me and I began to dream about living in another country. And I saved money and finally got the ticket to a foreign country.

Actually I was just enjoying myself and was doing just for fun things in the other countries, and I came back to japan in 2006 .

After I came back to japan, I thought that I should have a job that I can work for all over the world, that like designing things for example. I was building my own website when I was in Canada, so I had a little knowledge for html.
That's why I am working for a web site right now.

When I saw a "Avatar"(This is a movie that was made using 3D technology), I was suprised and impressed. so I am learning how to make 3D computer graphics design with the software that called "autodesk Maya".


Anything about language, foreign countries, creative things, funny things, beautiful things, and so on. I will include things that I'm interested in. This site is personal homepage, I didn't make it up for a business. So I will update this site little by little.

Please enjoy this site if you are interested in. This is a public forum and also a place where I will keep notes to myself. And I am happy to get your message or oppinion if you like.

There is a Mail form, if you want to ask anything or share your oppinion, please let me know.