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Countermeasures for earthquakes

If you don't know about earthquakes, check this page and learn what you should do just in case. We have many earthquakes here, but usually those quakes are not big. but there is a small possibility that a huge one will suddenly hit you,

First of all

  1. As we say "Kingdom of earthquake" about our own country, we experience many tiny earthquakes every year. Because of that, we developed buildings to withstand earthquakes.

    So, basically we don't so much worry about buildings crumbling.

    A lot of people say "The buildings were shaking during this earthquake!!"

    Yes, the buildings are shaking to avoid crumbling. If we constructed buildings with stones or bricks, it would not be flexible so it would be easy to crash. (Of course we cannot say all of japan's constructions are 100% safe.)

    So just in case, what you have to do is, you need to protect yourself from falling things(or falling down yourself), broken glasses, fire and so on.

When you are inside of house/building

  1. protect yourself
    The most important thing is human's life. Shelf, TV, glasses,, Big earthquake makes everything weapon.

    Most easy way is hide under the table. Then you can protect yourself from broken glasses, falling furniture and so on.

    If there is no table around you, think to protect your head by something.(cushion, bag, book etc)

    ※Don't be panic and don't go outside right away, maybe broken glasses or tiled roof, some other things will be falling down.

  2. Extinguish fire
    One of a concern about a big earthquake is fire. When big earthquake is coming, the fire destroyed many houses every time.

    Recently, gas company automatically cut the gas if big one is coming, so if you cannot make an action right away, you can wait until the shaking is over.

    If your house will be blackout, turn off the circuit breaker. Otherwise when electrify coming back, it will be fire from here.

  3. Open the door
    Because of buildings lean, the doors will not open and we lost a way to out. We don't have to go out right away when the earthquake is coming, but we need to keep the door open.

    This is a measure for suddenly earthquake, you'd better to do this at least.

How to be safe when outside

  1. In the city
    Find a place which is broad(ex : park, vacant place etc) or strong buildings with no glass or under a tree.
    Take a look above your head and check there is no glass, blocks or signboards.
    Electric wires are also dangerous when they are cut; don't stay under it.

  2. Under the ground
    In general undergrounds are not shaking a lot, so just relax and stay alongside the wall, and you can exit in this manner.

  3. Supermarket/Department
    LStay away from the shelves and stay alongside the wall.
    It is dangerous if a lot of people flood towards the entrance; follow the instruction of the shop staff.

  4. In the elevator
    If you feel a big earthquake in the elevator, push the button for every level and exit the elevator as soon as possible. Otherwise you may be cooped up in the elevator.

  5. When you are driving
    Don't do heavy braking, stop your car slowly and park in a safe place the safety place, and then leave your car.

  6. Seaside
    Keep away from seaside!
    Tsunami power is terribly strong; more than we can imagine. Listen carefully to the radio, TV, sirens and public alerts. You have to evacuate to a high place if you are near to the seaside.

  7. Refrain to make phone calls.
    Please don't make a phone call if you don't really need to call right away.
    Other people may need to call to an ambulance or fire engine. If a lot of people make phone calls at same time, the phone lines will be jammed and victims cannot call emergency offices.

    To make sure your family and friends safe, you can use some direct mail on SNS network(Twitter, Facebook, Mixi etc) instead of phone lines. The internet is capable enough to allow you to ensure your family and friends safe and nobody needs to use it to contact emergency offides.