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Peeping Life

"Peeping Life” is Japanese shorts comedy-animation series, each episodes takes around 5 minutes. It’s adept at showing the natural nuances of Japanese people’s reactions (like, little verbal pauses, gestures, etc.) because their acting is improvised. Let's peek Japanese life!

Notes for language learners

If you are living or visiting in Japan, you may hear many expressions that you'll never learn in the language school. We call it slang or "Young generation words" like in any other countries. This session is created to explain those words (Means these scripts are offered for over intermediate of Japanese language learners.). It's written in Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji, and it doesn't explain the words that you can find in your dictionary. I hope you may be find some answers that you are always questioning in verbal communications.

Please note that it’s just helps you to understand the conversations between the Japanese friends or in the visited city. If you want to learn proper Japanese, please take a lesson in language school.


About slang category

I am making a page which categorizes some Japanese slang. This is not a page that I recommend you to learn Japanese from.

As you know, slang is not a clean form of speech. I don't want you to use slang, but sometimes you may hear a lot of slang in the city, in TV shows, movies and from your friends. Those pages will give you an answer if you hear some words which you don't understand, or if you cannot find them in your dictionary.

And one concern I have for you is that if your Japanese is elementary level, you don't have to start to learn with those pages. So I wrote main phrases only in Hiragana, I set those pages for a learner who has a basic knowledge of Japanese.

You shouldn't use any slang with your superiors, authorities, teachers, and people who you need to respect.
But you may wonder :

"Is it okay if I use this word authorities to my friends?"
"Is it too strong? Does this word make a bad impression?"

So, I put criterion chart for each word that shows you which type of person you can use this slang with. And there are some icons which shows you the type of each word like below.

  • GOOD This slang gives a good impression to other people, so it is rare for this icon to appear.
  • BAD Some people feel bad if you speak with these words.
  • LIGHT Light meaning words.
  • STRONG Strong words. Sometimes people get hurt by these words.
  • NORMAL Not good, not bad, just normal words..


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