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- How to survive in rush hour -

How to survive in rush hour

Rush hour in Tokyo
From 7am to 9am and from 5pm to 7pm are rush hours in the center city.
In those times, trains are terribly crowd. Then trains run every 3-5 min, but sometimes it delayed because of an accident or other troubles. Let's learn how you can overcome that situation.

Here is one resolution

  1. Be in the middle of the line and walk through the train.
    If you are positioned at end of this line, that means you have to push the other people, then you have to burn your energy.
  2. When you stand on the door, you feel pressure from your backside. If you hold on somewhere or try to make your move, it just makes you tired so just relax and flow just the other people do.
  3. During running a train, it is torture but it's finish soon, so keep your energy until you get off the train.
  4. A lot of people get off the train in a big station. In this case you don’t need to worry about anything. A problem is, if you are the only one person who want to get off from crowded train. Then you should say "sumimasen, orimasu!(Excuse me, I will get off!)" and you have to make your way through among people. Otherwise you will miss your station.