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Wedding in Japan Vol.1

About japanese Western style wedding

We have some style like, Japanese-old-style-wedding and Western-style-wedding. The meaning of Western-style-wedding is : make a vow in church with white dress and tuxedo... something like that. Maybe I can not make a good explaination of Japanese-old-style-wedding, so today I will talk about Western-style-wedding in Japan. There are some differences between your country I guess.

This is a common understanding of japanese wedding.

  1. About a dress.
    In general, we don't buy a dress. Usually they go to the shops for rent-a-dress. A bride and groom go to the shop together, and choose their dress and tuxedo together. So they can see the each others clothes before the wedding day.
  2. When is the wedding day?
    In japan, "the wedding ceremony" and "the marriage day" doesn't need to be on the same day. Because the church and the government office doesn't have a connection at all, so they signed the paper when they make a vow in church but it is just a paper. So, if you want to make the wedding ceremony and the marriage day in same day, you have to go to government office after (or before) the wedding ceremony. Usually the day of wedding ceremony is too busy for both bride and groom, so they don't have time to go to government office to submit the paper.

  3. About the reception after the ceremony
    Wedding reception is like a kind of lunch (or dinner) show, whole schedule proceed by narrator. In general, there are some performance like below.

    - Cutting cake
    - Introduce both childhood by photos and movie
    - Entertainment show by friends
    - Dress change of bride and groom
    - Bride and groom come to each table for 1-2 minutes
    - Reading a letter to them parents
    - Finished by greeting by bride's father

    Generally this reception takes for 2 hours, so actually it proceed very quickly.

  4. Very expensive.
    And I have to tell that, it is very expansive. Wedding ceremony is the most important event especially for dreaming girls, so wedding company offer you to spend a lot of money.

    For example:
    - Tuxedo : ¥150,000 (1 466 US$) 〜
    - Wedding dress(rental) : ¥300,000 (2 931 US$) 〜
    - Flowers : ¥100,000 (977 US$) 〜
    - Church : ¥300,000 (2 931 US$) 〜
    - Photographer : ¥100,000 (977 US$) 〜

    I bet people start to think, "Do we need the ¥100,000 for photographer? We can just take a photo by our selves!" But there are many churches that don't allow to take a photo even if it's guest. So if we don't pay for photographer, we can never have a wedding picture in future. Of course they can bring the photographer by them selves, but then it will incur additional costs (corkage fee). For example ¥100,000 for one photographer, or something like that. This corkage fee charges every stuff like, the dress, the flower ... everything. It's depending on the place and date, and how many people you invite, but average of cost will be from ¥3,000,000 (29 310 US$)- to ¥5,000,000 (48 850 US$)-.