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Fireworks festival

Fireworks festival is a simbol of summer of japan.

We have some location for summer events.
One of big events for summer is, the fireworks festival.
A lot of people is excited about it, and go out to see the fireworks, because it is like a simbol of summer of Japan. But the thing is, too many people gather up at a one place so it will be very crowded.

Tips for Going to a Japanese Fireworks Festival.

  1. Get information and best place. You can easly get a information from magazine or website(ex If you want to see a nice fireworks, sometimes you need to get and keep a place since 1 or 2 days before. Otherwise do not think that you can get a great place. Everybody looking for a best place to watch the fireworks.
  2. It will be really really crowded. In Tokyo, many people gather up in a few spaces during the fireworks festival. In the train, on the road, restaurant and other spots will be full, and sometimes difficult to move. That's why sometimes there is a admission limit.
  3. Don't drink too much. Because the toilets are also very crowded. And sometimes it will be difficult to find a toilet. Depence on the place but in general fireworks festival spend 1 or 1.5hour. So you'd better to find toilets before the fireworks started.
  4. This is a best reason to wear a YUKATA. Many Japanese girls want to ware a YUKATA at this time. You don't know how to ware it? Then find a hair salon. They have a service to dress you a YUKATA . (Maybe it's cost around 5,000JPY)
  5. It will be very hot in the summer in center city. So if you don't have a enough energy to walk in there, you can enjoy the fireworks on TV in your room, with beer and food. (If it is a big festival, you can watch on TV live broadcast) This is a good way too.
  6. Or another good way is, reserving a restautant(or yakata-bune) which has a nice view to see the fireworks. * But usually the restaurants around the fireworks spots will be high priced only this day.