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Group blind dates

Group blind dates
In Japan, there is an opportunity to find a boyfriend or girlfriend that's called a "合コン(Group blind date)". Usually a man and a woman organizes the event by bringing 2 or 3 of their own single friends and reserving a place to eat and drink.

Some general rules of this meeting

  1. This purpose of the meeting is, introducing and making new couples. There should be the same number of boys and girls in order to avoid someone who might be left out.
  2. If two or more boys or girls go to the toilet at the same time, they will talk about whether this meeting is a success or not, and discuss about the other members of this meeting.
  3. At the beginning of this meeting, the boys and the girls are divided, but a few minutes later you may have a chance to change your seats. You can get closer with your favorite boy or girl when "席替えタイム(seat-changing time)" comes.
  4. But don't worry, if there isn't anybody you like, you don't need to ask or give your contact address to them.