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I'm starving

  • ハラへった〜
    I'm starving

    Wanna eat like a horse!

  • あっ 15分で間食したらタダだって!
    It'll be free if you can eat it in 15 minutes!

    Oh yes!!

  • うぅぅ・・
    Ugrr,,, so sorry...

    Keep it up!


ハラへった [ halahetta ] 
  • 悪い

Means "I am hungry". Mainly it's a male's word. Sometimes boyish female use it too but it's not favorable. This ハラ(hara) is stomach(お腹:o-naka). And "減る(heru)" is decrease/reduce. We can say also "お腹(が)減った(o-naka-(ga)-hetta)" or "お腹(が)すいた(o-naka-(ga)-suita)", these will be better to use. In the proper way, we have to use "が" in the middle of this sentense, but many young generation doesn't use this "が" in this case.

ハラへって死にそう![hala hette dhinisou!]
I'm dieing because I'm starving!

ハラがへると怒りっぽくなる人 [hara ga helu to okolippoku nalu hito]
The person who gets mad easliy when it's hungly.

ガッツリ [ Gattsuli ]
  • 軽い
  • 普通

Means "A lot", "Firmly", "plentifully", "one's heart's content", etc..

がっつり稼ぐ [gattsuli kasegu]
earns a lot of money

がっつり寝た。[gattsuli neta]
I slept a lot.

がっつり泣いた。[gattsuli naita]
I cried my heart out.

タダ [tada]
  • 良い
  • 軽い
  • 普通

There are several meanings, but in this case, means "for Free"

タダ飯 [tada meshi]
Free meal

タダで遊ぶ [tada de asobu]
Play around for Free

よっしゃー [Yosshaaaa]
  • 良い
  • 軽い
  • 普通

Use when you want to show your positive / happy / glad feelings. (like, "YES!!", "I made it!!".)
There are some similar words : やったー! / よし! etc..

A : 今日台風で学校休みだって![kyou taihuu de gakkou yasumi datte!]
A : School will be off because of this typoon!
B : よっしゃー!![yosshaaaaaa!]
B : Y E S !!!!!

ファイト [faito]
  • 良い
  • 普通

It came from the English word "fight", but in Japan, we say it when we want to cheer someone up. It does not mean "battle", we rather use this word almost like, "fight with yourself! Don't give up!" (But ofcourse we understand it means "battle")